INAS National Intellectual Impairment Eligibility Master List


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Sport Country Date Added Eligibility Number INAS Licence Sex Given Name Last Name
Alpine Skiing New Zealand 2016-01-28 P1664-AS-0001 Inactive M David Beck
Athletics Canada 2016-08-22 P1601-A-0001 Inactive F Mackenzie Donaldson
Athletics Mexico 2019-07-22 P1752-A-0007 Active M ELIAZAR LOPEZ ESPINOZA
Athletics Mexico 2019-09-21 P1952-A-0009 Active M JULIO PACHECO ZAPOT
Athletics Mexico 2019-07-26 P1952-A-0008 Inactive M RODOLFO PLASCENCIA BARRAGAN
Basketball United States of America 2015-07-21 P1501-BB-0009 Inactive M Mohammed Earls
Basketball United States of America 2014-06-08 P1501-BB-0007 Inactive F Alanis Garnett
Basketball United States of America 2015-06-08 P1501-BB-0003 Inactive F Amanda Mickan
Basketball United States of America 2015-06-08 P1501-BB-0002 Inactive F Bridget Stephney
Cycling Czech Republic 2019-04-22 19420-C-0177 Active M Robert Puddu
Cycling Netherlands 2018-04-04 1831-C-0161 Inactive M Leon Brinksma
Equestrian France 2017-08-02 P1733-E-0003 Active F Laurie DESCOUTURE
Equestrian Germany 2019-08-26 P1943-E-0011 Active M Maximilian Abing
Equestrian Germany 2019-09-19 P1943-E-0013 Active F Sophie-Marie Niemann
Equestrian Germany 2019-09-10 P1943-E-0012 Active F Inka Thun
Equestrian United Kingdom 2017-08-15 P1744-E-0005 Active M Oliver Peace
Golf Australia 2019-05-14 P1961-G-0001 Active M Arnold Bamroong
Golf Sweden 2019-09-17 1512 Active M Felix Norrman
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1533-H-0014 Inactive M Jerome Aubert
Handball France 2017-09-08 P1733-H-0027 Inactive M Robin CANTINI
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1533-H-0009 Inactive M Benjamin Cousturian
Handball France 2018-06-04 P1833-H-0045 Inactive M Loïc CRENCA
Handball France 2017-09-12 P1733-H-0023 Inactive M Rodolphe DERBANNE
Handball France 2018-05-28 P1833-H-0042 Inactive M Salif DIALLO
Handball France 2017-09-12 P1733-H-0022 Inactive M Valentin GAUTIER
Handball France 2016-04-26 P1533-H-0008 Inactive M Guillaume Grey
Handball France 2018-06-13 P1833-H-0048 Inactive M Remi HULOT
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1733-H-0019 Inactive M Sebastien KAMEL
Handball France 2016-05-13 P1533-H-0015 Inactive M Sadek Khanchouche
Handball France 2018-06-07 P1833-H-0046 Inactive M Yannick LACAZE
Handball France 2018-05-30 P1833-H-0044 Inactive M Corentin LAWAN
Handball France 2017-09-12 P1733-H-0025 Inactive M Jason LECOMTE
Handball France 2017-09-12 P1733-H-0021 Inactive M Aurélien LEJUSTE
Handball France 2016-05-13 P1533-H-0012 Inactive M Steven Lory
Handball France 2017-09-12 P1733-H-0026 Inactive M Alexis MILLION
Handball France 2017-09-11 P1733-H-0024 Inactive M Florian MULLER
Handball France 2016-05-11 P1533-H-0006 Inactive M Alexandre Roulph
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1733-H-0018 Inactive M Franck SCHMITT
Handball France 2016-05-13 P1533-H-0005 Inactive M Sebastien Tastevin
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1533-H-0016 Inactive M Davy Urena
Handball France 2018-06-07 P1833-H-0047 Inactive M Simon VECCHIARELLI
Handball France 2017-09-04 P1533-H-0013 Inactive M Remi Wilhelm
Handball Portugal 2018-04-13 P18351-H-0037 Inactive F SOFIA AUGUSTO
Handball Portugal 2018-03-20 P18351-H-0033 Inactive F VANESSA AZENHA
Handball Portugal 2018-04-13 P18351-H-0039 Inactive F CARLA BASTO
Handball Portugal 2018-04-13 P18351-H-0038 Inactive F ANUNCIAÇÃO CALHEIROS
Handball Portugal 2018-03-15 P18351-H-0031 Inactive M LUÍS CANENA
Handball Portugal 2019-07-30 P19351-H-0049 Active M Alexandre Couto
Handball Portugal 2018-03-22 P18351-H-0034 Inactive F AIDA FERREIRA
Handball Portugal 2018-04-13 P18351-H-0040 Inactive F MARIA LURDES FERRÃO
Handball Portugal 2018-03-20 P18351-H-0032 Inactive F SANDRA GOMES
Handball Portugal 2018-03-22 P18351-H-0043 Inactive F FILIPA GRAVATO
Handball Portugal 2018-04-20 P18351-H-0036 Inactive F INÊS LEÃO
Handball Portugal 2018-02-27 P18351-H-0028 Inactive F ANA MOLEIRO
Handball Portugal 2019-07-18 P19351-H-0050 Active M Igor Nogueira
Handball Portugal 2018-04-20 P18351-H-0035 Inactive F JOANA REBELO
Handball Portugal 2017-07-07 P17351-H-0017 Inactive M DYLAN SANTOS
Handball Portugal 2018-05-24 P18351-H-0041 Inactive M Ricardo Simões
Handball Portugal 2019-07-18 P19351-H-0051 Active M Miguel Veiga
Hockey France 2018-06-08 P1833-PH-0018 Inactive M Mikholson CALDER
Hockey France 2018-06-08 P1833-PH-0020 Inactive M Theo CHEVALLIER
Hockey France 2018-06-08 P1833-PH-0019 Inactive M Baptiste CYRUS
Hockey France 2018-06-11 P1833-PH-0022 Inactive M Ayoub GUELMAMI
Hockey France 2018-06-11 P1833-PH-0023 Inactive M Jason LEROI
Hockey France 2018-06-08 P1833-PH-0021 Inactive M Hasni MEIDANI
Hockey France 2018-06-13 P1833-PH-0027 Inactive M Pierrick MICHAUD
Hockey France 2018-06-11 P1833-PH-0024 Inactive M Christopher SABATHIE
Hockey France 2018-06-11 P1833-PH-0025 Inactive M Anthony SEVA
Hockey France 2018-06-11 P1833-PH-0026 Inactive M Jimmy VARIN
Hockey Italy 2018-05-24 P1839-PH-0013 Inactive M Stefano Casile
Hockey Italy 2018-06-07 P1839-PH-0028 Inactive M Francesco Catalanotti
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0036 Inactive M Simone Cicazzo
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0031 Inactive M Flavio Colasanti
Hockey Italy 2018-05-24 P1839-PH-0016 Inactive M Luciano Damiani
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0034 Inactive M Andrea Di Vaio
Hockey Italy 2018-06-07 P1839-PH-0035 Inactive M Renzo Ferrazzi
Hockey Italy 2018-05-24 P1839-PH-0015 Inactive M Fabio Fiori
Hockey Italy 2018-05-24 P1839-PH-0014 Inactive M Danilo Fiori
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0032 Inactive M Marco Lecis
Hockey Italy 2018-05-24 P1839-PH-0017 Inactive M Alessio Maurizi
Hockey Italy 2018-06-07 P1839-PH-0029 Inactive M Andrea Pasquali
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0030 Inactive M Cosimo Scocozza
Hockey Italy 2018-05-28 P1839-PH-0033 Inactive M Riccardo Volpi
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0004 Inactive M LUIS ALMEIDA
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0010 Inactive M SÉRGIO AREIAS
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-17 P18351-PH-0012 Inactive M RAFAEL CAPELA
Hockey Portugal 2018-04-12 P18351-PH-0003 Inactive M BRUNO CARDOSO
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0009 Inactive M DIOGO COSTA
Hockey Portugal 2018-03-29 P18351-PH-0001 Inactive M EDUARDO FREITAS
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-17 P18351-PH-0011 Inactive M TIAGO LAMAS
Hockey Portugal 2018-03-29 P18351-PH-0002 Inactive M OSCAR LIMA
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0008 Inactive M MARCO MARQUES
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0005 Inactive M RENATO OLIVEIRA
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0006 Inactive M JOAQUIM PEREIRA
Hockey Portugal 2018-05-03 P18351-PH-0007 Inactive M LADISLAU
Judo Austria 2018-06-27 P1843-J-0017 Inactive M Elias Duhs
Judo Austria 2018-12-21 P1843-J-0018 Inactive M Lukas Duhs
Judo Austria 2018-06-27 P1843-J-0040 Inactive M Sven Fug
Judo Austria 2019-07-04 P1943-J-0076 Active F Kerstin Pamer
Judo Austria 2019-07-04 P1943-J-0075 Active M Paul Vogl
Judo Austria 2019-07-11 P1943-J-0078 Active F Sandra Zirbesegger
Judo Austria 2019-07-04 P1943-J-0077 Active M Tobias Zirbisegger
Judo Belgium 2019-03-19 P1932-J-0065 Active M Olivier Brenders
Judo Belgium 2019-07-09 P1832-J-0059 Active M Anthony De Cuyper
Judo Belgium 2019-03-19 P1932-J-0067 Active M Ben Larivière
Judo Belgium 2017-07-01 P1932-J-0073 Active M Alexandre LeFevre
Judo Belgium 2019-05-14 P1932-J-0069 Active M Kristof Meeus
Judo Belgium 2019-03-19 P1932-J-0066 Active M Lennart Nies
Judo Belgium 2019-08-14 P1932-J-0079 Active M Maarten Poels
Judo Belgium 2019-05-22 P1932-J-0072 Active M Kristof Surinx
Judo Belgium 2019-05-22 P1932-J-0070 Active M Dylan Watripont
Judo Belgium 2019-05-22 P1932-J-0071 Active M Jens Windmolen
Judo France 2018-07-12 P1833-J-0064 Inactive F Ophelie BEZZOUAOUI
Judo France 2018-07-12 P1833-J-0063 Inactive M Maxime GUHUR
Judo France 2018-07-12 P1833-J-0062 Inactive M Redouane LAZREG
Judo France 2018-07-12 P1833-J-0061 Inactive M Julien METAYER
Judo France 2018-07-12 P1833-J-0060 Inactive M Ifeanyi OGUEJIOFOR
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0031 Inactive F Carolin Anzinger
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0052 Inactive M Patrick Barendonk
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0043 Inactive M Martin Barkow
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0042 Inactive M Marco Blum
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0027 Inactive F Victoria Breidenstein
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0039 Inactive M Christian Brieler
Judo Germany 2019-01-08 P1949-J-0074 Active F Evin Celiktas
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0046 Inactive M Andre Conen
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0029 Inactive M Samuel Dietz
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0055 Inactive M Tom Döring
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0032 Inactive F Marina Eichner
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0044 Inactive M Eric Valentin Freitag
Judo Germany 2017-06-14 P1749-J-0001 Inactive M Victor Gdowczok
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0047 Inactive M Andreas Gramsch
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0033 Inactive F Lara Holzmüller
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0041 Inactive M Toni Kaiser
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0051 Inactive M Timo Karmasch
Judo Germany 2018-07-09 P1849-J-0057 Inactive F Stephanie Knopp
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0054 Inactive F Andrea Kuhne
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0030 Inactive M Florian Linsner
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0025 Inactive F Sophia Mannsbart
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0035 Inactive M Maximilian Massepp
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0048 Inactive M Ben Musaeus
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0021 Inactive F Carina Niemeyer
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0034 Inactive M Roman Peter
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0028 Inactive M Dominic-Pascal Rath
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0026 Inactive M Roland Reiser
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0024 Inactive F Angelina Salli
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0036 Inactive F Allesia-Federica Schmidt
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0049 Inactive F Jasmin Siebelitz
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0022 Inactive F Michaela Stutz
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0038 Inactive M Phil Taraschinski
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0023 Inactive M Jacques Traus
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0045 Inactive M Wolfgang Trost
Judo Germany 2018-06-19 P1849-J-0037 Inactive M Beneditk Tröger
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0053 Inactive M Christoph Vriesen
Judo Germany 2018-07-09 P1849-J-0056 Inactive M Marc Weidmann
Judo Germany 2018-07-03 P1849-J-0050 Inactive M Bastian Wind
Judo Germany 2018-07-09 P1849-J-0058 Inactive F Pauline Zorn
Judo Netherlands 2019-04-11 P1931-J-0068 Active F Kayleigh Heerikhuisen
Judo Norway 2018-06-21 P1847-J-0020 Inactive F Julie Wikdahll
Judo Russia 2017-09-15 P1707-J-0011 Inactive M Denis Kostunin
Judo Sweden 2017-10-03 P1746-J-0015 Inactive M Daniel Anglen
Judo Sweden 2017-10-03 P1746-J-0012 Inactive F Camilla Gunnarsson
Judo Sweden 2017-10-03 P1746-J-0013 Inactive M Tomas Hamlet
Judo Sweden 2017-10-03 P1746-J-0014 Active F Jenny Öster Hall
Judo United Kingdom 2017-06-14 P1749-J-0002 Inactive M Niklas Herzog
Judo United Kingdom 2017-08-15 P1744-J-0003 Active M Kyle Jones
Judo United Kingdom 2017-08-15 P1744-J-0004 Inactive F Nikki McDermott
Petanque Italy 2018-05-02 P1839-PE-0001 Inactive M Massimo Magnarelli
Petanque Italy 2018-05-31 P1839-PE-0002 Inactive M Andreano Porcu
Rowing France 2018-04-27 P1833-R-0003 Inactive M Alexis BLOUIN
Rowing France 2018-05-04 P1833-R-0007 Inactive F Clemence DEJASSE
Rowing France 2018-04-27 P1833-R-0002 Inactive F Maeva FALCO
Rowing France 2018-05-23 P1833-R-0005 Inactive M Steven GERONDE
Rowing France 2018-04-27 P1833-R-0001 Inactive F Gräce KOUMDA
Rowing France 2018-04-27 P1833-R-0004 Inactive F Oceane NAUGRED
Rowing United States of America 2019-01-31 P1901-R-0009 Active M Vinay D'Souza
Rowing United States of America 2019-02-13 P1901-R-0010 Active M Daniel Gulyn
Rowing United States of America 2019-02-13 P1901-R-0011 Active M Samuel Ho
Rowing United States of America 2019-03-22 P1901-R-0012 Active M Benjamin McGann
Rowing United States of America 2019-01-31 P1901-R-0008 Active M Joseph Piccariello
Swimming Colombia 2017-01-28 1757-SW-1101 Inactive M Juan Mancilla Adames
Swimming Colombia 2017-01-28 1757-SW-1098 Inactive M Edier Medina Hinestroza
Swimming Mexico 2019-09-25 P1952-SW-0014 Active M CARLOS DZIB GUILLERMO
Swimming Mexico 2019-07-27 P1952-SW-0012 Inactive M MARCOS HERNANDEZ TOSCANO
Swimming Mexico 2019-07-02 P1952-SW-0010 Active F MICHELLE HINOJOSA ZAMUDIO
Swimming Mexico 2019-08-13 P1952-SW-0013 Active F ARIANNE HOLGUIN MARTINEZ
Swimming Slovenia 2017-06-09 P17386-SW-0007 Inactive M Maj Rezman
Swimming United States of America 2013-12-19 P1301-SW-0003 Inactive M Jonathan Sady
Swimming United States of America 2018-06-23 P1801-SW-0008 Inactive M Joshua Witt
Swimming Venezuela 2017-02-20 Ineligible Inactive M FERRER AYTON
Taekwondo Argentina 2015-07-21 P1554-TK-0017 Inactive M Jose Luis Thomas
Taekwondo Austria 2014-06-08 P1401-TK-0001 Inactive M Dominik Otto Radszetics
Taekwondo Austria 2016-06-15 P1643-TK-0037 Inactive M Marc Steinhuber
Taekwondo Belgium 2015-08-10 P1532-TK-0025 Inactive F Melissa Engels
Taekwondo Belgium 2015-08-10 P1532-TK-0024 Inactive F Brenda Paulissen
Taekwondo Brazil 2019-01-21 P1955-TK-0047 Active F Lia Santos
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1501-TK-0010 Inactive F Seana Corrigan
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1501-TK-0009 Inactive M Miles Curry
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-09 1401-TK-0006 Inactive M Shane Johnson
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1501-TK-0008 Inactive F Tanya Michalak
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1401-TK-0004 Inactive M Kurtis Reid
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1401-TK-0007 Inactive M Kieran Stark
Taekwondo Canada 2016-05-31 P1401-TK-0005 Inactive M Jose Antonio Tan
Taekwondo Chile 2015-07-21 P1556-TK-0014 Inactive M Claudio Andres Fuentes Almendras
Taekwondo Chile 2015-07-21 P1556-TK-0013 Inactive F Marcela Paz De Los Angeles Garrido Aranguiz
Taekwondo Chile 2015-07-21 P1556-TK-0015 Inactive F Paloma Fernanda Martinez Labbe
Taekwondo Chile 2015-07-21 P1556-TK-0012 Inactive M Daniel Salinas Gacitua
Taekwondo Colombia 2015-07-31 P1557-TK-0021 Inactive M John Sebastian Caro Mogollon
Taekwondo Colombia 2015-07-31 P1557-TK-0020 Inactive M Julian Jaramillo Ruiz
Taekwondo Colombia 2015-07-31 P1557-TK-0019 Inactive M Sebastian Patino Naranjo
Taekwondo Colombia 2014-06-08 P1457-TK-0002 Inactive F Yormary Rojas Cordoba
Taekwondo Croatia 2017-06-14 P17385-TK-0051 Inactive M Viktor Frane Gligo
Taekwondo Croatia 2017-05-04 P17385-TK-0052 Inactive M Domagoj Vujcic
Taekwondo Ecuador 2017-07-14 P15593-TK-0018 Active M Edison Joel Chiguano Aguilar
Taekwondo Germany 2019-01-11 P1949-TK-0064 Active M Christopher Frömmgen
Taekwondo Honduras 2015-07-21 P1556-TK-0016 Inactive M Guillermo Antonio Erazo Schuer
Taekwondo Italy 2019-03-07 P1939-TK-0071 Active M Michele Cianciotto
Taekwondo Italy 2019-03-07 1939-TK-0006-II3 Active M Luca D'Onofrio
Taekwondo Italy 2016-04-26 P1539-TK-0027 Active M Federico Fricano
Taekwondo Italy 2019-01-07 P1639-TK-0029 Active M Stefano Guglielmi
Taekwondo Mexico 2016-06-03 P1652-TK-0035 Inactive M Alejandro Gutierez Rudino
Taekwondo Morocco 2015-08-10 P15212-TK-0023 Inactive M Adil Zhan
Taekwondo Mozambique 2016-04-26 P15258-TK-0028 Inactive M Joao Carlos Jessen
Taekwondo Nicaragua 2015-08-10 P15505-TK-0026 Inactive M Lopez Ramirez Manuel Salvador
Taekwondo Poland 2016-08-30 P1648-TK-0044 Inactive M Norbert Góźdź
Taekwondo Poland 2016-08-30 P1648-TK-0042 Inactive F Agnieszka Kmieć
Taekwondo Poland 2018-05-29 P1848-TK-0058 Inactive F Dominika Mendel
Taekwondo Poland 2019-01-03 P1848-TK-0063 Active M Michał Mroziński
Taekwondo Poland 2019-01-22 P1948-TK-0070 Active M Mariusz Mąka
Taekwondo Poland 2016-08-30 P1648-TK-0042 Inactive M Michał Piędzia
Taekwondo Poland 2016-08-30 P1648-TK-0045 Inactive F Anna Siwko
Taekwondo Poland 2018-05-29 P1848-TK-0059 Inactive M Andrzej Strumpf
Taekwondo Russia 2016-08-04 P1607-TK-0039 Inactive M Kirill Arutiunov
Taekwondo Serbia 2017-07-26 P16381-TK-0038 Inactive F Teodora Jovic
Taekwondo Serbia 2017-07-26 P16381-TK-0036 Inactive M Dusan Marisavljevic
Taekwondo Serbia 2017-09-26 PP17381-TK-0054 Inactive M Ivan Petrovski
Taekwondo Serbia 2017-07-26 P17381-TK-0053 Inactive M Tomislav Rankovic
Taekwondo Switzerland 2019-01-24 P1992-TK-0067 Active M Abid Khan Achak Zai
Taekwondo Switzerland 2019-01-24 P1992-TK-0069 Active M Yasir Ali
Taekwondo Switzerland 2019-01-24 P1992-TK-0068 Active M Hamza Hassan Siddiqui
Taekwondo Switzerland 2019-01-23 P1907-TK-0048 Active M Ansat Syzdykov
Taekwondo Trinidad and Tobago 2017-09-07 P1701-TK-0054 Inactive M Surya Hosein
Taekwondo Trinidad and Tobago 2016-04-26 P1401-TK-0003 Inactive M Matthew Eric Marchan
Taekwondo United Kingdom 2019-02-15 P1944-TK-0072 Active M Benjamin Savage
Taekwondo United States of America 2018-02-08 P1801-TK0057 Inactive F Blaguna Graham
Taekwondo United States of America 2016-12-26 P1701-TK-0048 Inactive M Damien Hershey
Taekwondo United States of America 2016-12-21 P1701-TK-0047 Active F Shania Hershey
Taekwondo United States of America 2017-01-20 P1701-TK-0049 Inactive M Juan Sanchez
Taekwondo United States of America 2017-08-30 P1501-TK-0011 Active M Eric Wright
Taekwondo Venezuela 2015-07-31 P1558-TK-0022 Inactive F Grecia Torres Corcega