INAS International Additional Impairment Eligibility Master List


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Sport Country Date Added Eligibility Number Impairment Group INAS Licence Sex Given Name Last Name
Alpine Skiing Austria 2018-08-17 1843-AS-0006-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Markus Grameiser
Alpine Skiing Austria 2018-08-17 1843-AS-0005-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Michael Konrad
Alpine Skiing Austria 2018-12-19 1943-AS-0007-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Stephanie Schlömmer
Alpine Skiing Finland 2018-03-09 1833-AS-0004-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Bea-Anna Westerstrahle
Alpine Skiing France 2018-02-15 1833-AS-0002-DS Additional Impairment Active M Paul Riche
Alpine Skiing Italy 2019-02-14 1839-AS-0007-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Luisa Polonia
Alpine Skiing Italy 2019-02-14 1939-AS-0008-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Gabriele Rondi
Alpine Skiing Japan 2018-02-07 1881-AS-0001-DS Additional Impairment Active M Hiroki Miyoshi
Alpine Skiing Poland 2018-02-23 1848-AS-0003-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Zofia Dzięcioł
Alpine Skiing Poland 2018-02-05 1848-NS-0001-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Zofia Dzięcioł
Alpine Skiing Poland 2019-02-18 1948-AS-0009-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Agnieszka Kociołek
Alpine Skiing Poland 2019-02-18 1948-AS-0010-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Patrycja Strama
Alpine Skiing Poland 2019-02-18 1948-AS-0011-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Antoni Wiercioch
Alpine Skiing Poland 2019-02-18 1948-AS-0012-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Klemens Zięba
Athletics Australia 2019-05-22 1961-A-0024-II3 Autism Active F Erika Gosney
Athletics Australia 2019-04-02 1961-A-0019-II3 Autism Active F Annabelle Johnson
Athletics Australia 2019-02-15 1961-A-0016-II3 Autism Active M Jayden Moss
Athletics Australia 2019-07-18 1961-A-0044-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Benjamin Paior-Smith
Athletics Australia 2019-07-24 1961-A-0034-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Ethan Parry
Athletics Australia 2019-07-16 1961-A-0035-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Andre Rivett
Athletics Australia 2019-05-14 1961-A-0021-II3 Autism Active M Jacob Sesar
Athletics Australia 2019-03-19 1961-A-0028-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Hugo Taheny
Athletics Australia 2019-05-20 1961-A-0022-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Mitchell Toohey
Athletics Australia 2019-04-26 1961-A-0020-II3 Autism Active M Leon Yong
Athletics Austria 2018-11-21 1843-A-0009-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Markus Grameiser
Athletics Austria 2019-01-16 1943-A-0010-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Stephanie Schlömmer
Athletics Egypt 2019-03-13 1920-A-0017-II3 Autism Active M ALY ABDULLAH
Athletics Egypt 2019-04-06 1920-A-0018-II3 Autism Active M omar eldesouky
Athletics Egypt 2019-07-17 1920-A-0032-II3 Autism Active F AFNAN ELSHARKAWY
Athletics Egypt 2019-07-17 1920-A-0038-II2 Additional Impairment Active F YASMIN MOSTAFA
Athletics Egypt 2019-07-17 1920-A-0043-II2 Additional Impairment Active M ABDELRAHMAN YACOUB
Athletics France 2019-05-22 1933-A-0027-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Jason DAVID
Athletics France 2019-07-29 1933-A-0039-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Michael PAIMAN
Athletics France 2018-01-18 1833-A-0002-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Nicolas VIRAPIN
Athletics India 2019-10-01 1991-A-0048-II2 Additional Impairment Active M RUTWIK ABHIJIT JOSHI
Athletics India 2019-08-21 1991-A-0040-II2 Additional Impairment Active M KESHAV ANEJA
Athletics Israel 2019-07-25 19972-A-0023-II3 Autism Active M Nizan Shamis
Athletics Israel 2019-05-20 19972-C-0002-II3 Autism Active M Nizan Shamis
Athletics Italy 2019-06-05 1939-A-0026-II3 Autism Active M Federico Cabizza
Athletics Macau 2019-07-19 19853-A-0041-II2 Additional Impairment Active M KAM FONG CHAO
Athletics Mexico 2019-08-13 1952-A-0042-II2 Additional Impairment Active M GABRIEL AVILES GONZALEZ
Athletics Mexico 2019-07-03 1952-A-0033-II2 Additional Impairment Active M JESUS GUZMAN PAREDES
Athletics Mexico 2019-06-13 1952-A-0029-II2 Additional Impairment Active F ELOISA MOSQUEDA DAVILA
Athletics Mexico 2019-07-03 1952-A-0031-II2 Additional Impairment Active M ESAUL PICON AVALOS
Athletics Poland 2018-05-21 1848-A-1787 Additional Impairment Inactive M Łukasz Walczak
Athletics Spain 2018-06-25 1834-A-0005-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Blanca Orihuela
Athletics Sri Lanka 2019-10-02 1994-A-0049-II3 Autism Active F Sethmi Dissanayake
Athletics Turkey 2019-02-11 1990-A-0012-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Furkan DEMİR
Athletics Turkey 2019-02-11 1990-A-0013-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Merve UZUN
Athletics Turkey 2019-02-12 1990-A-0014-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Rıdvan YALÇIN
Athletics Turkey 2019-02-11 1990-A-0015-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Münevvere YILMAZ
Athletics United States of America 2019-03-22 1920-BB-0009-II3 Autism Active M Joseph Kendrick
Athletics United States of America 2018-07-08 1801-A-0007-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Starlette Menendez
Athletics United States of America 2018-07-08 1801-A-0006-II3 Autism Inactive M Garrett Winfrey
Basketball Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-BB-0003-DS Additional Impairment Active F norhan abo taleb
Basketball Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-BB-004-DS Additional Impairment Active F amal elgharib
Basketball Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-BB-0002-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M kareem elzeiny
Basketball Egypt 2017-10-17 1720-BB-0007-DS Additional Impairment Active F lobna mohamed
Basketball Egypt 2017-10-17 1720-BB-0008-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M Mohamed Morsy
Basketball Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-BB-0001-DS Additional Impairment Inactive F nermeen rashad
Basketball Egypt 2019-05-09 1720-BB-0005-DS Additional Impairment Active M mohamed serour
Bowling Thailand 2019-05-17 1966-B-0001-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Chaywit Sucharitkul
Cricket Australia 2018-12-03 1861-CR-0001-II3 Autism Active M Filip Ranieri
Cycling Australia 2019-05-10 1961-C-0001-II3 Autism Active M Leon Yong
Cycling Israel 2019-07-25 19972-C-0003-II3 Autism Active M RON SCHARF
Football/Futsal Saudi Arabia 2018-06-11 18966-S-1655 Autism Inactive M FAISAL ALWARI
Judo Austria 2019-07-04 1943-J-0001-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Sandra Zirbesegger
Nordic Skiing France 2018-02-15 1833-NS-0002-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Clement Colomby
Rowing Italy 2019-05-22 1939-R-0009-II3 Autism Active F Sara Mormando
Rowing United States of America 2019-03-22 1901-R-0007-II3 Autism Active M Christopher Byrnes
Rowing United States of America 2019-03-22 1901-R-0006-II3 Autism Active M Matthew Houser
Rowing United States of America 2019-03-22 1901-R-0008-II3 Autism Active M Calum Swinford
Swimming Australia 2019-07-24 1961-SW-0157-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Taylor Anderton
Swimming Australia 2019-04-02 1961-SW-0133-II3 Autism Active M Patrick Bayliss
Swimming Australia 2018-04-24 1861-SW-0067-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Russell Booysen
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0071-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Harry Cahill
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0087-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Elizabeth Claydon
Swimming Australia 2019-07-24 1961-SW-0158-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Katrina Coffey
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0081-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Michael Cox
Swimming Australia 2018-03-09 1761-SW-0035-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Lily Crawford
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0085-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Jack Dixon
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0073-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Bradley Doolan
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0069-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Stephanie Dunning
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0075-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Madeline Fox
Swimming Australia 2019-07-10 1961-SW-0146-II3 Autism Active M Jeremy Gawne
Swimming Australia 2019-07-24 1961-SW-0159-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Timothy Gould
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0077-II3 Autism Active F Gabriella Howells
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0083-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Ross Hughes
Swimming Australia 2019-05-22 1961-SW-0141-II3 Autism Active F Porscha Jimmieson
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0070-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Caitlin Kerby
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0076-II3 Autism Inactive F Jessica Louw
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0072-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Colin Marks
Swimming Australia 2019-05-07 1961-SW-0137-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Georgia Melhuish
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0078-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Phoebe Mitchell
Swimming Australia 2019-04-26 1961-SW-0135-II3 Autism Active F Magdalena Moshi
Swimming Australia 2019-03-19 1961-SW-0128-II3 Autism Active F Marley-Jewel Newton
Swimming Australia 2019-02-07 1961-SW-0125-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Robert Pate
Swimming Australia 2018-10-24 1861-SW-0109-II3 Autism Active M Liam-Bailey Rose
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0082-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Ashley-Kate Schlenner
Swimming Australia 2018-06-04 1861-SW-0086-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Tiffany Smith
Swimming Australia 2018-04-25 1861-SW-0074-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Aliesha Sneesby
Swimming Australia 2019-02-28 1961-SW-0138-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Mitchell Toohey
Swimming Australia 2019-03-19 1961-SW-0129-II3 Autism Active F Sarah Wallace
Swimming Australia 2019-05-22 1961-SW-0140-II3 Autism Active F Izabella Wills
Swimming Austria 2018-11-21 1843-SW-0112-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Michael Konrad
Swimming Austria 2019-01-16 1943-SW-0119-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Stephanie Schlömmer
Swimming Brazil 2018-07-06 1855-SW-0104-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Gustavo de Aratanha
Swimming Brazil 2018-07-06 1855-SW-0103-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Maisa Oliveira
Swimming Canada 2018-11-27 1801-SW-0113-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Vincent Desrosiers
Swimming Colombia 2019-08-09 1757-SW-0047-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Jorge Celis Caviedes
Swimming Colombia 2019-08-09 1757-SW-0045-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Yeimi Cortez Murcia
Swimming Colombia 2019-08-09 1757-SW-0044-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Jaider Hernández Ramírez
Swimming Colombia 2019-08-09 1757-SW-0043-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M jose ramírez gonzalez
Swimming Colombia 2019-08-09 1757-SW-0046-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Mateo Zambrano Briceño
Swimming Ecuador 2018-12-17 19593-SW-0122-II2 Additional Impairment Active M MARTIN ALEJANDRO TERAN ESTRELLA
Swimming Ecuador 2018-12-17 19593-SW-0123-II2 Additional Impairment Active F MELANIE PAMELA TOBAR ARELLANO
Swimming Egypt 2019-04-18 1920-SW-0152-II2 Additional Impairment Active M MAHMOUD ABDELBARY
Swimming Egypt 2019-03-13 1920-SW-0126-II3 Autism Active F FATMA Abomarim
Swimming Egypt 2019-03-16 1920-SW-0144-II3 Autism Active M mohamed ahmed
Swimming Egypt 2019-03-16 1920-SW-0145-II3 Autism Active M aly farahat
Swimming Egypt 2017-10-17 1720-SW-0060-DS Additional Impairment Active F lobna mohamed
Swimming Egypt 2017-10-17 1720-SW-0033-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M Mohamed Morsy
Swimming Egypt 2019-07-16 1920-SW-0160-II2 Additional Impairment Active M MOAMEN OSMAN
Swimming Estonia 2019-03-02 19372-SW-0126-II2 Additional Impairment Active M KASPAR LOIK
Swimming Estonia 2019-03-02 19372-SW-0127-II2 Additional Impairment Active M ERIC TÖTT
Swimming Estonia 2019-03-02 19372-SW-0134-II2 Additional Impairment Active F INGEL ÕUNMAA
Swimming France 2019-07-16 1933-SW-0153-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Delphine ANDRE
Swimming France 2019-07-04 1733-SW-0042-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Axel BELIG
Swimming France 2018-06-21 1833-SW-0095-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Clement Colomby
Swimming France 2019-07-22 1933-SW-0164-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Raphael DUTAY
Swimming France 2019-07-16 1933-SW-0154-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Marie GRAFTIAUX
Swimming France 2018-06-20 1833-SW-0096-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Margaux JOSSE
Swimming France 2018-06-20 1833-SW-0097-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Cedric MATILLA
Swimming France 2019-06-07 1933-SW-0142-II3 Autism Active M Axel PARISOT
Swimming France 2019-07-16 1933-SW-0155-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Carla RAPICANO
Swimming France 2019-07-04 1733-SW-0037-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Cleo RENOU
Swimming France 2018-06-20 1833-SW-0098-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Joseph WHARRY
Swimming India 2019-08-27 1991-SW-0168-II2 Additional Impairment Active M RUTWIK ABHIJIT JOSHI
Swimming Israel 2019-04-10 19972-SW-0130-II3 Autism Active M RON SCHARF
Swimming Italy 2019-04-02 1939-SW-1293-II3 Autism Active F Chiara Andidero
Swimming Italy 2018-04-13 1839-SW-0068-II3 Autism Active M Matteo Falchi
Swimming Macau 2019-07-19 19853-SW-0156-II3 Autism Active M CHI KIN WONG
Swimming Mexico 2019-07-17 1952-SW-0162-II2 Additional Impairment Active F MELISSA ALVARADO NEVAREZ
Swimming Mexico 2019-07-03 1952-SW-0150-II2 Additional Impairment Active F ESLI CABRERA VAZQUEZ
Swimming Mexico 2019-07-03 1952-SW-0151-II2 Additional Impairment Active F LAURA CERRILLO MORENO
Swimming Singapore 2018-01-23 1865-SW-0063-A Autism Active M Kah Yi Lim
Swimming Spain 2018-06-25 1834-SW-0089-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Marta Agustin
Swimming Spain 2018-06-25 1834-SW-0090-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Mauro Baliña
Swimming Spain 2018-06-25 1834-SW-0091-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Dolores Guillen
Swimming Spain 2018-04-13 1734-SW-0040-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M Carlos Hernandez Ortiz
Swimming Spain 2018-04-13 1734-SW-0041-DS Additional Impairment Inactive F Camino Martinez De La Riva
Swimming Spain 2018-06-25 1834-SW-0092-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Francisco Molina
Swimming Spain 2018-06-25 1834-SW-0093-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Guillermo Nuñez
Swimming United Kingdom 2018-06-29 1844-SW-0099-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Dylan Hughes
Swimming United Kingdom 2018-05-22 1108 Additional Impairment Inactive M Zachary Lacey
Swimming United Kingdom 2018-08-10 1844-SW-0106-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Thomas New
Swimming United Kingdom 2018-03-09 1844-TK-0003-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive F Gabrielle Toas
Swimming United States of America 2019-01-08 1901-SW-0116-II3 Autism Active F Katie Baumgartle
Swimming United States of America 2018-02-07 1701-SW-0027-A Autism Active F Anna Beem
Swimming United States of America 2018-05-15 1701-SW-0061-DS Additional Impairment Active F Lauren Bergquist
Swimming United States of America 2018-04-24 1801-SW-0079-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Stephen Betros
Swimming United States of America 2018-09-06 1801-SW-0107-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Glenn Donovan
Swimming United States of America 2019-01-03 1901-SW-0120-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Luke Drumright
Swimming United States of America 2018-07-08 1801-SW-0102-II3 Autism Active F Corinne Harris
Swimming United States of America 2019-05-10 1901-SW-0136-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Andres Hernandez
Swimming United States of America 2018-11-21 1801-SW-0114-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Joseph Jurries
Swimming United States of America 2018-02-07 1701-SW-0036-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M Andres Miyares
Swimming United States of America 2018-09-06 1801-SW-0108-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Caitlin Trevor
Swimming United States of America 2018-11-21 1801-SW-0115-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Valeria Van Balen
Swimming United States of America 2018-02-07 1701-SW-0031-DS Additional Impairment Active F Katherine Vazhenin
Table Tennis Australia 2019-07-29 1961-TT-0020-II3 Autism Active M Mitchell Rogers
Table Tennis Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-TT-0004-DS Additional Impairment Active F norhan abo taleb
Table Tennis Egypt 2019-05-09 1720-TT-0005-DS Additional Impairment Active F amal elgharib
Table Tennis Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-TT-0003-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M mazen elsamahy
Table Tennis Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-TT-0002-DS Additional Impairment Inactive M kareem elzeiny
Table Tennis Egypt 2019-03-13 1920-TT-0017-II3 Autism Active M MARWAN HASSAN
Table Tennis Egypt 2017-09-25 1720-TT-0001-DS Additional Impairment Inactive F nermeen rashad
Table Tennis Egypt 2019-04-27 1720-TT-0006-DS Additional Impairment Active M mohamed serour
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0014-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Jean BACHEVILLIER
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0011-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Cedric COURRILLAUD
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0015-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Celine DELALANDE
Table Tennis France 2019-05-29 1933-TT-0018-II3 Autism Active M Pierre DELHOM
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0008-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Camille FRISON
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0009-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Carole HENNION
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0013-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Ludovic MORAINVILLE
Table Tennis France 2019-06-06 1933-TT-0019-II3 Autism Active F Maud PINCHON
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0010-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Lucile POQUET
Table Tennis France 2019-02-08 1933-TT-0016-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Alexandre SIBOUT
Table Tennis France 2019-01-23 1733-TT-0012-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Alexandre SOL
Table Tennis Macau 2019-07-19 19853-TT-0022-II2 Additional Impairment Active M KUOK LON WONG
Taekwondo Belgium 2019-06-06 17503-TK-0002-DS Additional Impairment Active M Saaber Bachir
Taekwondo Brazil 2018-12-21 1955-TK-0004-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Lia Santos
Taekwondo Italy 2019-03-14 1939-TK-0007-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Michele Cianciotto
Taekwondo Turkey 2019-02-12 Ineligible_0002 Additional Impairment Inactive F Fatıma Kevser KIDEYŞ
Tennis Australia 2019-08-12 1961-T-0006-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Timothy Gould
Tennis Australia 2019-07-23 1961-T-0007-II2 Additional Impairment Active F Olivia Sayers
Tennis Australia 2018-12-11 1861-T-0003-II3 Autism Active M Peter Stone
Tennis Australia 2019-02-07 1961-T-0004-II3 Autism Active M Oska Taylor
Tennis Australia 2019-07-09 1961-T-0005-II2 Additional Impairment Active M Timothy Walsh
Tennis Belgium 2019-07-22 1932-T-0008-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Frederik Van Damme
Tennis Egypt 2019-04-18 1820-T-0003-II2 Additional Impairment Active M IBRAHIM ELKHOLY
Tennis United States of America 2018-04-24 1801-T-0002-II2 Additional Impairment Inactive M Grant Baker